Can you imagine a world without forests? It would be unbearable with extreme heatwaves and strong winds, and most wild animals would not exist. Forests are very important to the survival of mankind, and that is why they need protection. If you have had breakfast today, read a newspaper, took medicine, used detergent, or sat on a chair, you have already interacted with forest products. The growing demand for wood can destroy the forests without proper management. FSC is one of the frontline organizations that manage the commercial harvesting of forests. This article will look at everything you need to know about the FSC.

What Is Forest Stewardship Council?

Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit organization that markets responsible usage of forests internationally. It was launched in 1993 over concerns about global deforestation. FSC addresses the effects of global warming, deforestation, and illegal logging directly.

What is an FSC product?

An FSC product refers to a product or packaging that uses paper, wood, timber, or other materials sourced from FSC-certified forests. You can tell whether a product is FSC certified by checking for the FSC logo on its packaging or instructional manual. Alternatively, you can use the FSC public portal to check whether its certificate is valid.

What is FSC-certified?

FSC has set 10 standards that forests must meet to become FSC certified. Whenever you see an FSC-certified mark on a given product, it usually means it adheres to the following principles.

1. It complies with all the regulations, applicable laws, agreements, conventions, and nationally ratified international treaties.

2. An FSC-certified product looks out for the socio-economic well-being of its workers.

3. It needs to respect the legal and customary ownership of land by the indigenous people who have lived alongside nature for centuries.

4. The organizations need to enhance or maintain the social-economic well-being of the local communities

5. It should have long-term economic viability by managing the range of services and multiple products

6. The organization shall help to restore any negative environmental impacts.

7. The organization should develop a management plan with objectives and policies comparable to the risks and intensity of its management activities.

8. It should show progress or a roadmap to achieving the adaptive management objectives.

9. The organization shall enhance or maintain high environmental conservation values by applying the precautionary management approach.

10. The management activities shall be consistent with the criteria collectivity and principles.

FSC Labels

There are three types of FSC labels that you can find on products. Whether it's your skin products, milk carton, or favorite book, the FSC labels are easy to find. Surprisingly, many people don't know what these labels mean. Each mark helps consumers understand the origin of the materials that made the final product. Here is what each label stands for.

FSC 100%

The FSC 100% is the highest label of product distinction as it contributes to the FSC's main objective, "forest for all forever." an FSC 100% label lets you know that all the materials or ingredients used are sourced from managed forests. An independent third party helps to audit these forests to make sure they meet FSC social, economic, and environmental standards.


An FSC recycled label shows that the product is verified to have been made from 100% recycled material (Whether it's pre-consumer or post-consumer reclaimed content). By using the FSC Recycled products, you are directly helping to protect the world's forests by alleviating the demand for virgin material.


Products that bear the FSC MIX label are made using a mixture of recycled material, FSC-certified forest material, or FSC-controlled wood. Although the controlled wood doesn't originate from FSC-certified forests, it helps to reduce material coming from unacceptable sources.

FSC certification

Why buy FSC-certified products?

When you buy FSC-certified products, you are helping save the forests indirectly. Certified wood is usually derived from responsibly managed sources. These are sources where the owners are motivated by commercializing sustainable wood supply. It helps to curb encroachment and illegal logging. Such sources can meet society's needs without straining the natural environment. Although it's nearly impossible to end deforestation globally, Choosing FSC-certified products helps reduce it significantly. The FSC standards offer the following benefits.

  1. Over 2 billion people rely on Forest resources:  Forests provide people with water, food, shelter, fuel security, and livelihoods. When you look at it, all these activities involve forests, whether directly or indirectly. It's easy to figure out some products, such as wood, paper, and fruits. But others products in our lives are less obvious because they are by-products. For example, detergents, cosmetics, and medicines.
  2. Habitats for Biodiversity and people: According to the World Wildlife Fund Organization (WWF), more than 750 million people live in the forests, including 60 million indigenous people. It's home to ¾ of the world's life on land.
  3. Approximately 1.6 billion people depend on forests for Livelihood. Over the years, we have lost millions of hectares of forests. The entire ecosystem starts to fall apart whenever we use the forests irresponsibly
  4. Forests provide important ecosystem services for human welfare:
  • They absorb harmful gases
  • Provide clean water
  • Forests slow the amount of erosion and protect watersheds
  • Forests provide medicine and food
  • They act as a buffer zone in natural disasters like rainfalls and flood
  • Home to more than half of all species that live on land

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that forests are important for human survival. FSC is an organization that helps to market products made from sustainable forests. When consumers choose FSC-certified products, they are indirectly helping save the world's forests. SANGEAN is a world-class radio manufacturer with over 45 years of experience. Our products follow principles that promote socially beneficial, economically viable, and environmentally appropriate forest management. Following these principles has helped us get some packages certified by the FSC. Our goal is to make sure that all the products get FSC-certified soon.

On top of that, SANGEAN has worked hard to reduce packaging materials and create long-lasting products. Less packaging translates to less forest material required. On the other hand, long-lasting products mean less waste goes into the environment. Browse our catalog of high-quality products or contact us if you have any questions.