There is no doubt that radios keep us connected around the clock. It is a source of many things, including getting real-time information and streaming the latest hits. Besides that, the digital device can serve two purposes. They are not only functional but make a great decoration for a room. Whether it’s a bedroom, kitchen, or home office, you can include it in any space. But how do you transform your room with a wooden radio? Keep reading to get simple ideas to complement your place.

Tips to decorate your space with a wooden radio

If you love to showcase your unique personality, antique pieces are a better way to bring out your style. The best thing about wooden radios is that they can match anything around the houses. Whether it’s the paint, theme, house design, or room type, with wooden radios are extremely versatile to match anything. As a radio lover, you want to achieve an optimum viewing angle. Here are simple ways to consider:

1. Pair it with a fireplace

The easiest way to pull out aesthetic look is by pairing it with a contemporary fireplace. Combining a wooden radio with this latest technology will create a perfect balance within the room. Rather than hiding your radio, you can create a separate shelf in your bedroom or living room.

2. Make it part of your dedicated seating area

The master bedroom is where we get time to relax in the evening. With so much going on throughout the day, it should be the coziest room in the household. You can unwind your day by finding something fun to do. Creating a seating place in your master bedroom is a great way to channel a five-star experience. Put your wooden radio at heart to add extra function. No more boring moments when drinking coffee or tea.

3. Place it in your home office

Thousands of people are embracing working remotely. An office needs to look professional at the same time, friendly. It may be hard to reconfigure ideas to incorporate into your space when working from home. Adding a radio is one of the best options to make your office functional. For example, if you have a tech-laden desk, you can figure out how to maximize the radio area.

4. Put it in the kitchen

We can’t deny the fact that a kitchen is the most popular space in our households. We spend hours cooking, eating, and dining with family or friends in the space. Therefore, a little jamming to tunes and listening to critical news will keep your family engaged. First, you need to treat the device as an appliance. You can put it on an appliance wall rather than spread it out all over the kitchen.

Create a niche; you can paint another color on the area so that someone cannot mistake it for a microwave. Additionally, consider having your radio alongside your TV, phone charger, and some books in the same spot. This will create a focal point and prevent clutter. Keep in mind that electronics should be far from the cooking and sink area.

5. Use built-in furniture

The prudent way to get the most out of your piece is to give it attention. Built-in furniture is an effective way to put your possessions. Furthermore, it serves as a discreet and stylish solution for your household. You can fit it in any system around your home.  

SANGEAN radio at the office

Best wooden radios

Here are the top wooden radios you can find on the market:

Tabletop radio CP-100 / WR-45

Tabletop radios can look good in any space. SANGEAN’s tabletop wooden radios have an incredibly classic style. They have a built-in Bluetooth wireless. Therefore, you will enjoy endless connectivity to audio stream your favorite tunes, podcasts, etc.

The most noticeable feature of this device is the acoustically tuned cabinet with a front speaker. The speaker has a bass-reflex design allowing you to receive a smooth and richer bass. In addition to that, it has an auxiliary input for adding audio sources such as iPhone/iPod or MP3 player. Other features include a built-in AM antenna, AC adapter, external FM wire antenna, and tuning and charging LED. You can find this wooden radio in the American market as CP-100 while in the Europe market as WR-45, and Taiwan market as Chopin.

WR-11/ WR-11BT

The wooden cabinet receivers have an AM / FM band hence the wide variety of channels. Moreover, they have a deep bass compensation allowing you to get a smoother bass. The full range speaker has a large and more powerful speaker. Don’t worry if you are a lazy tuner, and the devices have a soft and precise tuning. Other great features are tuning/band indicator, auxiliary input for audio sources like smartphones, MP3 players, and I/O Jacks.

The difference between the two radios is that; WR-11BT has built-in Bluetooth audio streaming, you can easily pair your Near Field Communications (NFC) smartphone. You can find the WR-11 on the American market while the WR-11BT on the EU market, and refer to WR-16 on the Taiwanese market.

SANGEAN radio WR-11BT 


The SANGEAN model WR-12 has an elegant design that blends with anything. This piece has a 2.1 channel system delivering powerful audio. Moreover, it has a subwoofer and dual stereo speakers designed to give more bass and loudness.

Furthermore, the treble and bass controls let you adjust your preferred sound. The three dials also select precise tunes and AM/FM bands. Aux-in jack enables you to play your MP3, iPod/iPhone tunes. Lastly, WR-12 comes with a display dimmer, stereo headphone jack, an external AM and FM antenna. You can get WR-12 on the American market and EU market, please refer to WR-16 on Taiwan.


We’ve always known that a room is decorated with things like furniture, plants, rugs, lighting, mirrors, art, photos, etc. However, do you know pieces like radio can change the feel of a room? Wooden radios can create a central focal point. Ensure you put your device at a comforting eye level. You can place it on a flat surface such as a table or shelves.

SANGEAN offers the best wooden radios on the market. With 50 years of experience, SANGEAN prides to develop iconic designs. Moreover, we ensure our customers get the best audio quality. Our products are equipped with the latest features to give you the best experience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact SANGEAN.