G - Black
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Product Introduction

Meets the Department of Energy's (DOE) new energy saving requirements.

Find the compatible adapter to your model. 

Group Combatible Models
A ATS-404, ATS-505, ATS-909W, PR-D6, RCR-9, 
B ATS-909X, DAR-101
C ATS-909X2, DCR-83, DCR-90BT, WFR-28BT
D DCR-9+, DPR-67, DPR-69, RCR-24
E DDR-36, DDR-38, DDR-60BT, WFR-70
F PR-D18, PR-D4
G RCR-24, WFR-28C, WFR-28D
H WFR-27C, WFR-29C, WFR-29D, DDR-31BT, DDR-31+, DCR-10, DDR-33+, DPR-25+, DPR-26BT, PR-D7, WR-2, WR-22
I DCR-9+, DPR-67, DPR-69, RCR-24
J RCR-24, WFR-28C, WFR-28D